And it is unnecessary to go to Baden-Baden or the Dead sea – it is high time to admit that health resorts of Russia are adequate alternative to these fashionable resorts but they are much cheaper. Favorable climate and the wonderful nature combine here with a unique spectrum of salubrious springs. Russia can be called without exaggeration a leader of sanatoria and health resorts.

The Caucasian Mineral Waters – is a beautiful region. Here the sun shines for 9 months a year: both in summer and in winter. The mountain air and salubrious mineral water present health and return forces to all who come here. Inhabitants used salubrious properties of the water – in the mountains at the hot spring ancient baths, which were cut out right in the rocks, have kept safe. Quantity of holes of mineral water constantly increases.

Modern Pyatigorsk is the second largest city of Stavropol area – is considered the largest center of balneotherapy and mud cure. And no wonder! Here almost all famous types of salubrious waters are extracted from 50 springs. Pyatigorsk is a city of art.

Kislovodsk is not simply a resort. And though people come here first of all because of unique narzans, its air is the best medicine from all diseases, moral and physical. From Kabardian narzan is translated as“bogatyr-water”. Rivers of narzan flow in Kislovodsk round the clock. Such water is used for taking a bath. Prepotent Narzan is delivered out of the depth of 65 m, mineralization and containing of carbonic acid is two times higher. Sulfate narzan is considered the most saturated. It is pumped out from the depth of 170 m.

The most popular area of the city among holiday-makers is a colossal resort park with routes of medicinal walking. One of the sights of the park is squirrels. The downy animals descend to people without fear and willingly take food – nuts, seeds.

It turned out that small comfortable Zheleznovodsk is in the shadow of fame of its neighbors Kislovodsk and Pyatigorsk. Nevertheless, this resort has something to show and be proud of. Smirnovskaya and Slavyanskaya waters are famous in the whole Russia. A medicinal park with a marvelous stone stair and cascades of waterfalls is wonderful all the year round. Paths of the park gradually merge with paths of Beshtaugorsky forest, thus the park seems endless.

The Black sea resorts don't lose its popularity and now, when rest in foreign countries, i.e. In Turkey has become so available. Beloved Sochi, Gelendzhik, Anapa attract with variety of possibilities of rest, sport and entertainments. The huge number of sanatoriums and hotels, from cheap to chic and fashionable, stretch along the whole coast of the Black sea.

Gelendzhik resort is placed on the beautiful bay of Gelendzhik, bordered with picturesque Caucasian mountains. Side-streets of the city, which a dressed in piny attire, descend by the slopes to the very edge of surf as if repeating the way of mountain brooks and rivers. Gelendzhik is translated from Turkic as “White fiancee”. In any season it looks like a flower, which blossomed out on the bank of the bay among fresh green. Gelendzhik is a climatic resort. Here moist western and dry eastern influences contend for leadership. Owing to the primeval dispute salubrious mountain-marine climate of Mediterranean type. Add to this fresh sea breeze and absence of high ways, overfull with cars, and you will understand why it is easy to breath in Gelendzhik. The wish not only to breathe but also to enjoy the air, saturated with aromas of the sea and pines, arise.

Sochi city, a coastal balneoclimatic resort of All-Russian significance, with developed infrastructure of economy and social service, with funiculars and elevators, with its subtropical damp climate, warm, caressing sea, sulfide and mineral waters and peloid attracts hundreds thousand tourists every year. Resort Sochi is the second multi-populated city on the coast of the Black sea after Odessa. Wonderful mountain air, filled with phytoncids of trees and grasses growing here. Swimming in the sea, air and sunny baths (thalassotherapy) are very useful. Sochi region is very rich in wonder-working drinking springs. Legends about powerful medicinal force of famous hydrogen-sulphidous Matsestinsky springs, having no analogue in the world have been composed from of old.

The hot spring is famous even far from Krasnodar area owing to its hot springs. Psekupskie mineral waters, altogether – 17 springs. The hot spring is the only place in Russia where medicinal qualities of Essentuky mineral waters and hydrogen-sulphidous baths of Sochi-Modesta type. Mineral waters of hot springs and alkaline mineral waters are used for baths. Variety of mineral waters in the resort allows to treat many groups of diseases. The hot spring is a balneotherapeutic health resort in the Russian Federation; the city is located in 65 km to the south from Krasnodar. It is situated in the foothills of the Bolshoi Caucasus, on the right bank of the Psekups river. The climate is temperate continental. Summer is warm; average temperature of July is +22 C.

Large number of sanatoriums, which are situated along the whole length of the golden necklace of beaches and medicine of high quality in all seasons – both in winter and summer – provide with full treatment and fascinating climate.

In Anapa there are 175 sanatorium-and-spa establishments including: comfortable sanatoriums and pensions and many other sanitary complexes for children of school age. Pride of Anapa is peloid – estuary and pseudovolcanic. Their effectiveness is not less than similar in the Dead Sea. Besides, here there are also several types of very valuable mineral waters, widely used in spa treatment. Immune stimulator, produced of local mussels, removes slags and radioactive nuclides.

Another types of exotic treatment are practised in the sanatoriums: bee stinging, medicine leeches, acupuncture, etc. Wine treatment is also carried out, because pure Anapa wines are a valuable fount of vitamins and microelements. Anapa is a unique and practically the only region of non sheltered wine-making in Russia. In the area there are 7 wineries. Up to 50 sorts of wines – wonderful in taste and cheap.

The Moscow region is an area of forests. They occupy one third of its territory. Elks, wild boars, deers, foxes, ermines, lynxes, martens are found in them. In the forests of Moscow region there are many various birds. Moscow region is rich in reservoirs: from quiet, clear reserved forest lakes to seas-reservoirs, made by hands, such as Istrinskoe, Mozhaiskoe, Utchinskoe, Ruzskoe and Klyazminskoe and from small rivers, these blue capillaries of the earth, collecting moisture from surrounding fields and forests, to such large water basins like the Moscow-river.

The picturesque nature of the region, large forest massifs, abundance in reservoirs, all these are favorable for conducting climatotherapy and treatment. Medicinal mineral springs, birch groves, green oak woods, very beautiful landscapes. Not by chance many people prefer rest and treatment in these sanatoriums to far trips. On the territory of Moscow region there are over 300 sanatoriums, pensions, rest homes, park-hotels, geography of location of which is very various. In the most picturesque nooks of Moscow region there are individual cottages, huge park-hotels, sanatoriums and pensions.


Tinaki is a mud cure resort in the Russian Federation. It is situated in 12 km from Astrakhan. Summer is very warm (average temperature of July is +25 C), winter is temperate soft (average temperature of January is -7 C); rainfall is 200 mm per year. Therapeutic agents are silt mud and brine of the Tinaki lake. The mud is a blue-black mass with smell of hydrogen sulphide. It is called “Tina”, name of the lake is originated from this. Treatment of diseases of organs of locomotor apparatus, nervous system disease, gynaecological disorders is conducted here. Tinaki is a sanatorium and a mud bath. Underground water Tinakskaya is pickled mineral water and is used for medicine purposes. Mixed water (dissolving of fresh water 1:9) is low-mineralized drinking medicinal table, analogous to widely famous waters of Mirgorod and Minsk type.

Mineral water Tinakskaya is rewarded with bronze in 1996 and 1997 and silver medals in 1999 in the International competition of bear and drinks in Sochi. Silt sulfide mud of the lake is medicinal and is used on form of application and tampons. For the last years of existing of the sanatorium medical-diagnostic base enlarged. All modern methods of electrotherapy is widely used in the complex of treatment. System of rehabilitation of postinfarction patients on water Sprint, which is worked out by Institute of rehabilitology of the Center of rehabilitation of Medical center of the RF President Administration, is introduced in the swimming pool. 
The above mentioned system allows to model load of maximal low neutral intensity for the most serious contingent with the help of special training on floats and use it as non-drug method of treatment of hypertension.

The nature of the moderate climate, which was glorified by artists, poets, writers, is able to treat not only body but also the soul. Rest here fills a man with peace of mind, open eyes to the wonderful beauty of the native land. Rest and treatment in these places is well combined with interesting excursion programs. Sanatoriums, which have natural medicinal means and necessary conditions for their usage with therapeutic purposes, are situated in the picturesque areas of Volga region, often near national parks and preserves.

Mineral waters, belneotherapy, physical treatment, massage, iontophoresis, aerophytotherapy, medicinal physical training and other forms of treatment are used for bathing in medicinal pools, drinking treatment, inhalation, rinses, various showers in the sanatoriums. Highly qualified medical personnel work in them. All sanatoriums work all the year round. The sanatoriums are specialized in treatment of many diseases including diseases of alimentary organ, metabolism, nervous system, gynaecological disorders, diseases of the system of circulation organs, locomotor system. Many sanatoriums are adapted for treatment of children. Discounts are provided for children in some sanatoriums.

Cardio-pulmonological (pulmono – lungs) sanatorium “Volga” is situated on the steep bank of the Volga at the place of flowing of two rivers – the Kuban and the Kachalka – in it. Around – mixed coniferous-leaved forests, so the nature itself serves as medicinal factor for patients with diseases of respiratory organs of nontuberculous character and cardiovascular pathology. But, certainly, it is not only factor. On the territory of the sanatorium there are two springs of mineral water with increased bromine content. Various baths and showers with usage of this water are offered here. Besides, there is a medical-diagnostic building, clinico-biochemical laboratory, electrocardiographic and dental cabinets, inhalatorium, solarium. Halocamera, which gives good effect in treatment of broncho-pulmonology, is equipped on the base of crystals of the ancient sea, extracted out of the mine In the area of Yekaterinburg.

Today not all can permit oneself to spend 21 days in the sanatoriums: either no money, or time. Courses, shortened but with optimally neat procedures, are worked out specially for such patients. There are even 3-day programs.

The famous thermal springs Paratunka are situated in the Kamchatka peninsula where “boilers” with blue algas, which can live only in this water, which is similar to hot hydrochloric acid by content, boil up like with boiling water near the volcanoes. Here in the basins with springs, which well out of the ground, one can deenergize after skiing. The picturesque surroundings, covered with knolls, have its climatic peculiarities. Climate here is better than in other microrayons of Kamchatka. Soft winter, deep snow in the windless space like magnificent white coverlet covers the land. Winter panorama remains in the memory for long.

Low Paratunka springs by chemical nature belong to the group of the most popular springs not only in Kamchatka but also within the Far East. They are typical low mineralized nitric alkaline siliceous thermae. Medicine center of the sanatorium is formed of mud bath and three pools with mineral water. The Paratunka river carries its waters near. It has its peculiar character. In summer it behaves peacefully however while flood it unrecognizable. Water floods the meadows joining waters of the lake Utiniy, creating the imposing picture of boundlessness. Aerial springs chose a ground which is pressed between the river and a small ledge, leading to the main road. The plot of land, like a sponge, is pierced with hot jets thus one needs only to dig out a rather shallow pit, it will fill with water. And having touched palm to the pebbles, one can sense “pulsation” of hot water. Water always pulsates in the tiny gryphons through chinks in the cobbles under the underground pressure.

Karelia is situated in the north-west of European part of the Russian Federation. The base of resort resources of Karelia is mineral waters and peloid. Chalybeate springs, which were discovered near Petrozavodsk in 18 century, served as a base for forming of the first resort of Russia – Marcial Waters. Also resort Sortavala functions in Karelia, there is a resort area Medvezhjegorsk.

They are situated in 54 km from Petrozavodsk, in the picturesque place where tsar Peter I opened the first Russian resort in 1719. The main value of Marcial waters consists in high concentration of ferrous iron, quantity of which is much more than in other deposits of such type. Water of Marcial springs contains natrium, magnesium, calcium, manganese. Marcial mineral waters exert significant and many-sided influence upon organism, augments body resistance, influence secretion of digestive organs, improves appetite, positively tells on blood content, raising haemoglobin content, favours to general stimulation of organism. These waters are recommended to drink near the very spring. The water, collected from the springs, keeps its natural properties during several hours.

Modern buildings of the oldest Siberian sanatorium stretch in the valley of a mountain river, in the foothills of Altai. Its natural medicine factors are microclimate (soft winter, cool summer and warm windless weather of spring and autumn months, short-term frost, constancy of barometric pressure), mountain landscape, springs of nitric-silicic mineral water Belokurikhinskaya-Eastern, peloids of Altai region. All these place Altai sanatoriums among resorts of European level, with high quality of treatment and service. Basis of resort treatment is a complex approach with usage o resort therapeutic factors, diet, special physical training and also services in organization of rest, tourism and sport.

In the Baikal there is a sandy beach, a picturesque bay, ozonized maritime air, rich flora, warm snowy winters. Basic natural medicinal factors are low-mineralized thermal water which is used for baths, medical showers and also for drinking treatment of patients with pathology of digestive tract, mud cure, weakly sulfide medicine sapropels, which are extracted out of the surviving lake Bormashevoe. The complex sanatorium-and-spa treatment includes: balneotherapy, mud cure, physiotherapy, massage, inhalation, phyto-psycho-acupuncture, cabinet of speleotherapy, phyto-aromatherapy. Section of reducing diet therapy (starvation diet), where effectiveness of treatment of patients, suffering from bronchial asthma, skin disease, is the highest, is popular.

The unique nature of the southern Primorie, the climate, softer than in other areas of the Far East, the warm sea, beds of unique sea silt mud, mineral springs are a base of natural medical factors which are used in the sanatorium-and-spa institutions in Primorski krai. All sanatoriums are situated in the wonderful park belt between the motorway Vladivostok-Khabarovsk and a coastline of the Amur bay. One of the most beautiful places of the krai is situated in the spurs of Sikhote Alin on the bank of the beautiful river Ussuri which forms here numerous lakes, channels with picturesque banks, beaches for swimming and picnics in the open air.

Shakovsky mineral springs belong to cold carbon low-mineralized water and they are united into one deposit with similar chemical solution of waters meeting demands made for waters of inner and external use. Narzan is a basic therapeutic agent of sanatoriums of the resort (especially Narzan baths). Extremely continental climate, warm summer, subtropical flora, windless sunny and snowy winter and the basic factor – mineral water with wide spectrums of microelements, create here ideal conditions for rest, treatment and prophylaxis.

In conclusion one can say that today health is not a caprice but a vital necessity. But for one of them a course of prophylactic cosmetology is enough, others need additional procedures and diets, the rest – serious doctor’s maneuvers. The main thing is to correctly choose own variant of procedures and sanatoriums of Russia will help in it, then you will get such energy that you will look better than Cleopatra, and work – not worse than Caesar.


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